Vans Trek Slip-On Review (Bought & Tested)

By Billy James | Updated: May 30, 2021

Curious about Vans Trek Slip-On?

I bought the black colorway, took them on a beach camping trip, and walked over 6 miles in them.

So in this article, I'll share my experience wearing them.

Here's my Vans Trek Slip-On review.

Brief Summary

They're a solid short distance, breathable slip-on. I say short distance because I wore these (without socks) when going for a 6-mile hike and got five blisters by the end of it. I really enjoyed them as water shoes or other messy scenarios. Long distances are a no-go in my opinion.

vans trek slip-on review

Who Are They Best For?

I think they're best as the next step up from being barefoot. They're definitely not a shoe you want to be wearing for longer distances.

But say you just got done surfing and you're walking around a parking lot, these are easy enough to just slip on. Or you need some sort of water shoe, or even a gardening shoe then I think these make sense.

They're pretty much a solid summer shoe because they offer great breathability and they're easy to clean. Any sort of damp environment that wouldn't make sense for a normal shoe, the Vans Trek will thrive.

Can You Skate Them?

If we're referring to traditional skating (ollies/fliptricks) then I definitely wouldn't recommend them. Given the rubber material, you do not want to use these if you're going to be doing any tricks. However, I did use them with my surfskates/cruisers and they worked fine.

I see them as a step up from being barefoot, but not something you'll want for longer distance skating/fliptricks.

Pros & Cons

After clocking some solid mileage on these, here are some pros & cons.


Is that even a word? I have no clue, but the fact that you can get these super dirty, then rinse them with water, is so sick. I wore these in super muddy conditions then took them back, sprayed them with a hose and they were good as new. It's something you absolutely can't do with regular Vans slip-ons.


I'm going to be honest if my feet are in closed-off shoes for a long time, they straight up stink. They let air in and out so my feet don't get as crazy as they would in normal slip-ons.


I really like the overall aesthetic of these shoes but really that's just personal preference. I could never pull the trigger and wear Crocs simply because of the aesthetic so having something like these which are a cooler crock in my opinion is really nice.

Longer Distances

Like I briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article I took these on a beach camping trip. They were really solid for walking short distances around the campground and even as a shower shoe. I decided to wear them without any socks and we went for a 6-mile hike. By the end of the hike, I realized I got five blisters. So I definitely wouldn't recommend them as a hiking shoe.


Two things about the sizing. The first is that they're pretty narrow so if you have wider feet they probably won't fit that well. I consider my feet in the medium width range and they fit… it's not super irritating but they are on the narrower side.

And the second issue is that these seem to be about a half size too big. It's not a major issue… it's much better than being half size too small but just keep that in mind that you might want to get something that's half size smaller than what you usually wear.

Billy James

I've been skating, surfing, and snowboarding for most of my life. My goal is to shred, then share my honest thoughts. You can learn more about me here.