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2. No Revisions

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3. Free Products, But…

Only if the company knows we’re going to share our honest thoughts. We’re trying to keep our free products vs bought at a balanced ratio.

4. Affiliate Partnerships

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Arbor Skateboards

Arbor Pilsner – Bought
Arbor Oso – Bought

Carver Skateboards

29.25″ CI Pod Mod – Bought


Chub CruiserFree


Eggboard – Bought


40″ Platypus – Bought
30″ Wheel Cut – Donated to Giveaway


Huntington Hop HST200 – Bought
Biscuit – Bought
Huntington Hop – Free
Twisted Fin – Free
Land Paddle – Donated to Giveaway

Lander La

27″ Complete – Bought
27″ Complete – Donated to Giveaway


Dinghy Blunt UV Sun – Bought
Pocket Knife Surfskate – Bought

Loaded Boards

Tan Tien Complete – Bought
Tan Tien Deck – Bought
Omakase – Bought
Coyote (Ted Kelly) – Free
Coyote Complete (Hola Lou) – Free
Coyote Deck (Hola Lou) – Donated to Giveaway
Carver Bolsa – Free
Loaded Poke Complete – Free
Orangatang Caguamas – Bought
Orangatang Love Handles – Free


Mini Cruiser – Bought
Choice Pick – Donated to Giveaway

Major Arc

Type Zero Trucks – Bought


Challenger Belt Drive – Free

Penny Skateboards

22″ Penny Board – Bought
27″ Nickel Board – Bought
29″ Surfskate – Bought
32″ Cruiser – Bought
36″ Longboard – Bought


RipSurf – Bought


Revel High Performance Kit – Bought

Sector 9

65mm 80a Butterballs – Bought
70mm 80a Butterballs – Bought

Shark Wheels

60mm Wheels – Bought
72mm Wheels – Bought
Electric Skateboard – Bought


32″ Fish Pavones – Bought


33″ Holy Toledo – Bought


36″ J.O.B Banzai – Bought


Scorpion Carbon Complete – Bought
High-Performance Kit – 1 Bought/1 Free
(2) High-Performance Kits – Donated to Giveaway

YOW Surf

32″ YOW Pipe – Bought
32.5″ Snappers – Bought
41″ Calmon – Bought
Pukas – Donated to Giveaway
Arica Deck (2) – Free
YOW URA Wheels – Free
Meraki System – Free