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Anything that’s reviewed on this website is based on experience. If we wouldn’t recommend it to our friends, we won’t recommend it to you.

We always want to be transparent, so we created this page.

You can see every product we’ve ever reviewed (if we bought it out of pocket or got it for free) and the guidelines we standby.

Behind the Shack

We started Shred Shack to create an honest and transparent resource for board sports. Below is the squad.


Billy thought of the idea for Shred Shack when he was researching for a new cruiser. He started skateboarding at a young age. Picked up surfing/snowboarding soon after.

He loves surfing, cruising, and trying to convince his nephew to shred.

You can find him on Instagram or email if you have any questions/feedback.


Mikey is the filming wizard behind Shred Shack. Similar to Billy, he’s been skateboarding and snowboarding since a young age.

In his free time, he loves to film buttery cinematics, learn a new flip trick, or 360 no scope in Warzone.

You can find him on Instagram if you have any questions/feedback.

Growing Up…

Skateboarding and filming was our life, there was nothing else we wanted to do.

We’d skate pretty much all day, then spend hours editing the coolest video we could think of.

That’s me at 13.

High school came and we both drifted away from skating. It was a huge part of our identity and without it, we felt lost.

Add in the social dynamics of school and it was a dark period for both of us.

We spent most of our time on YouTube learning as much as we could about filming.

Then we went off to film school… although I got kicked out for having such a low GPA.

I spent most of my time building websites and longboarding instead of going to class.

The Problem

I was researching for a new cruiser and couldn’t find a simple and transparent resource.

I’d either find a website funneling me to a crappy Amazon board or a website that wrote a full-blown novel that left me confused by the end of it.

You could tell these sites were mass-producing content without actually trying these boards. It was frustrating, to say the least.

I ended up buying the wrong cruiser and had to purchase another one, wasting hundreds of dollars.

The Solution

Create a website that reviewed boards based on our actual riding experience.

Something that could actually help people, filtering out the marketing bs.

Whether you’re skating, surfing, snowboarding, or whatever else you’re shredding it’s all about having fun.

We’re just shredding and sharing our honest thoughts.

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I also run the website Tropikaia, which is a resource for tropical destinations.