Loaded Ballona Cruiser (In-Depth Look)

By Billy | Updated: May 7, 2022 | Cruiser Skateboards

Loaded finally dropped a mini-cruiser skateboard.

But the thing is… it’s not your typical cruiser deck shape.

The Ballona is super mellow with a subtle rocker profile.

Before I get into it, always wanna keep it transparent. They sent us the Loaded Ballona for free. We accepted it under the terms, that we could share our honest thoughts.

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Quick Specs

Length: 27.75”
Width: 9”
Wheelbase: 14-75” / 16”
Profile: Rocker
Deck Weight: 2.6lbs

Let’s first take a look at the setups they offer…

loaded ballona

Setup Choices

The setups differ in the bushings and wheels.

The Moby has the stock Paris 90a barrel and cone bushings and the Orangatang 65mm Fat Free (86a) wheels.

The Willy has the Orangatang Knuckle 87a orange bushings and the 65mm Love Handle 80a wheels.

So that’s where those two differ. Let’s take a closer look at the…


It’s cool to see a mini-cruiser that has a flatter profile.

It’s 27.75” long – 9” wide with two wheelbase options 14.75” or 16”

loaded ballona deck

The Moby and the Willy have the same deck shape, just different graphics. The grip tape is slightly more aggressive compared to something you’d find on a traditional street setup.

It might be tough to see in the footage, but it does have a subtle rocker profile. Now the interesting part about this is it essentially wedges the front and dewedges the back. So the logic behind that is the front wedge increases your truck angle, which makes it slightly more turny. And the dewedge decreases the back truck angle, which makes it slightly more stable.

The concave is about ⅜” deep, then starts to flatten out towards the nose and kicktail.  

Now, the kicktail, it exists but it’s a very low angle and the nose is even lower.

So don’t expect this to be something that’s easy to ollie or do flip tricks. If that’s something you’re looking for, then the Coyote, Dinghy or Pilsner is probably more your vibe.


The trucks that come on both setups are Paris 150mm reverse kingpins.I believe they picked RKPs over TKPs because it has such a mellow deck profile and the RKPs are higher off the ground, you can get a beefier wheel.

paris 150mm reverse kingpin trucks

 Like I briefly mentioned in the beginning, the main difference is in the bushings.

Harder 90a stock Paris bushings on the Moby setup for handling speed better.

Softer 87a orangatang knuckles on the Willy setup – more geared towards those that want a carvier, pumpy setup.


The wheels are both 65mm with offset cores.

The Moby comes with harder 86a Fat Free wheels. They have round lips, are stone grounded and have a smaller contact patch. Easy to throw out and powerslide if that’s what you’re going for.

The Willy comes with softer 80a Love Handles. They have sharp lips and a larger contact patch. Obviously not as easy to powerslide with the sharp lips and softer duro, but still somewhat doable. They’re mainly for gripping the pavement when doing more aggressive carving.

orangatang wheels


Both come equipped with the same bearings – Loaded’s classic Jehu built-in spacer bearings.

Solid cruiser bearings in my opinion. I haven’t had any issues with them.

loaded jehu bearings

Riding Experience

The first thing you’re gonna notice when you step on this board is it’s punchy and agile.

Most mini-cruisers have a higher degree kicktail and nose, making it easier for ollies/fliptricks.

The Ballona has the most mellow deck shape out of all the mini-cruisers I’ve tried.

It’s super chill.

I’d describe the Ballona as a spicy, chil cruiser? 

Chill in the sense that the shape is mellow, but spicy because of the smaller wheelbase. It’s definitely on the snapper side.

Concave is minimal.

Bottom Line

If you want something that’s portable, punchy and carvey, this is a solid option. But if you want something to do ollies/ flip tricks, this isn’t the board for you.

Instead, look into the Coyote, Dingy or Pilsner.


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