Hey guys, even though I took a little YouTube break, I’ve still been working on Shred Shack every single day.

Here’s what I’ve been up to.

1. Website Redesign

I wasn’t happy how our previous website design was loading. So, I redid it and now it should load under 2 seconds for everyone. If you have any feedback, send me an email. Would love to hear it!

2. Hoodie Drop

Can’t thank you guys enough for supporting our first t-shirt drop. Now that it’s over, I’ve been focusing on our hoodie drop. I found the most comfortable hoodie ever and I’m stoked to show you when it’s done!

3. Website Reviews

I’ve been going through and updating some old reviews. Boring but necessary.

Is anyone even reading this?

I have no clue, but if you are… the first three people to email me, I’ll send a free limited edition t-shirt.