Are Magneto Boards Good? (Breakdown)

By Billy | Updated: July 23, 2022 | Longboards

I’ve had a lot of people ask about Magneto longboards.

Are they good? Are they bad? Should you get one?

If you’re in a rush, below you’ll find my quick summary. But if you want a little more detail, keep scrolling. Here’s my take on Magneto Boards.


If you have a local skate shop, spend your money there. It’s always best to support local. Or you could search online marketplaces, like Facebook/ eBay. If you’re set on buying a new setup for under $100, then I would recommend Magneto. Their wheels are solid, and they have decent customer service. Something you don’t usually find with brands under $100.

Let’s take a look at the parts of Magneto’s best-seller longboard.

Starting with the…


For the price, it’s decent. Obviously, nothing crazy – you get what you pay for. The deck shape is a bit awkward but does the job if you’re a beginner. 7-Play maple with the top and bottom veneers being bamboo for aesthetics. I’m not a huge fan of spray-on grip because it wears down quicker. I would rather see a traditional sheet of grip tape in the future, but not a big deal.

magneto longboard
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One of my biggest concerns with cheaper brands are they come with all-metal bearings. This makes maintenance a pain since you can’t easily pop off the shields like with plastic ones. As you can see below, the shields are plastic, which is solid from a maintenance perspective. Overall, decent bearings for the price.

magneto boards bearings


The trucks are reverse kingpins made with gravity-cast aluminum. You can definitely see imperfections, but if you’re just using them for low-key cruising, they’re not bad. I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable at higher speeds. They use cone and barrel bushings.

magneto longboard trucks


Wheels are probably the biggest issue with cheap longboards. The urethane formula that Magneto uses is actually pretty solid. Higher rebound compared to other cheap brands I’ve tested. The cores are offset, giving you a thick lip to grip the pavement when carving.

The parts are decent for the price, but how does it actually feel to ride their boards?

Riding Feel

The main problem I found with other cheap longboards was how sluggish they felt to ride. The urethane formula usually was bad and translated to a poor riding experience. You’ll feel resistance when riding when you have a bad urethane formula.

Magneto’s wheels are decent and don’t feel sluggish. Higher rebound compared to other cheap brands I’ve tested.

The other issue with cheaper brands is they use their bad urethane formula for their bushings. While Magneto’s bushings aren’t the best (check out RipTide if you want quality), they allow you to carve pretty fluidly.

Bottom Line

Compared to other brands in this price range (under $100), I had the best experience with Magneto.

This article shares all the common issues I’ve run into with cheaper longboards.

The three main issues with cheap longboards are…

Magneto actually has decent urethane formulas, uses plastic capped bearings, and isn’t a faceless company.

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