Custom Loaded Omakase Carver CX Setup (Breakdown)

By Billy | Updated: July 30, 2022 | Custom Setups

I enjoy riding this down mellow hills and parking lots, averaging 8-12mph. The concave is enough to feel comfortable when carving but doesn’t feel overly aggressive. This is a solid option if you want a beefier setup that’ll allow you to get deep while carving. Find a mellow hill that’ll give you consistent speed, and this thing will carve like a dream.


Loaded Omakase Deck

Length: 33.5″ Width: 10″ Wheelbase: 20.75″ – 22″

The Omakase is simply a beast. It’s made of fiberglass and bamboo, making it durable and lightweight.

My shoe size (11 US M) fits the length, width, and concave like a glove.

Because of its wider than normal wheelbase (20.75″ – 22″), it’s more stable at higher speeds. Most of my surfskate setups have a wheelbase in the 16-18″ range, so it’s nice to have a more mellow option.

You can see my full Omakase review here.


1.25″ button head bolts

They came with my Omakase complete, but you can use any 1.25″ button head hardware. Avoid countersink since the Omakase deck isn’t drilled for them.


Carver CX Trucks

I have 1/8″ Carver riser pads on both the front and back. Depending on your weight/ how hard you carve, you might want to use 1/4″ risers instead.

Using the 1/8″ risers, I didn’t experience any wheelbite.

The beautiful part about Carver trucks is that they won’t set you high off the ground. Sometimes I feel like I’m stepping on a skyscraper when I use one of my Waterborne completes.

The trucks are the classic Carver CX setup – CX.4 front truck & C2.4 rear truck.

I find myself using CX setup over Carver’s other trucks (C5 & C7) because of it’s simplicity. I like that there’s no spring (like the C7) and it’s bushings based.

CX.4 Front Truck

C2.4 Rear Truck


Orangatang Knuckles Bushings

I swapped Carver’s stock bushings out with some Orangatang Knuckles.

Using softer Orangatang bushings gives it a little more energy for carving.

Carver’s stock front bushings are two 89a cones. I swapped them out for two Orangatang 87a Knuckles cones.

Carver’s stock back bushings are a cone & barrel setup (89a). Swapped them out with Orangatang 90a Knuckles.

Honestly, this isn’t necessary. Leaving the stock Carver bushings still provides an awesome experience.


Orangatang 70mm 4President

The 4President 70mm 77a are perfect for doing deep carves. The offset bearing seat offers more urethane to grip when you lean into your carves.

Mixed with uber soft 77a urethane and a sharp lip, these wheels are perfect for the Loaded Omakase x Carver CX setup.

You can use any type of soft, sharp lip 70mm wheel. I just happen to really like Orangatang wheels.


Jehu V2 Bearings

Any bearings will do for this setup.

Loaded’s signature bearings with built-in spacers and speed rings. If you’ve been following Shred Shack for some time, you know that I’m a fan of built-in bearings. I love the ability to swap out wheels and not have to keep track of the speed rings/spacers.

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