Custom Landyachtz Dinghy Setup (Breakdown)

By John Davis | Updated: December 7, 2021

About this setup

This is an easy to ride cruiser setup, whether you’re a beginner or experienced. It combines cruising and street skating elements, offering a lot of versatility.

I use this everywhere I go around campus since it’s compact, and also a great ATV board.

Parts Breakdown

Let’s take a look at the components of this setup.


Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt

L: 28.5” | W: 8.6” | WB: 14.6″

Compared to the normal dinghy, the blunt is better suited for taller/bigger riders.

Additionally, the wider deck and square tail allow for more control when doing tricks, slides, and skating at high speed.


Independent 149mm

These trucks are a great option for both cruising and technical skating. Though being slightly heavier than most, they will last and perform the best.

This width is the perfect size for the blunt, going all the way to the edges without sticking out too much.


Bones hardcore bushings, medium

In my opinion, the standard Independent bushings are great once they are broken in, but for heavier individuals (>160 lbs) they may feel too turny. If you like a tight truck, upgrade to some harder bushings.

If you aren’t sure what you like, stick with the bushings that come with your trucks and then decide.


Unbranded ceramics – my bearings were a gift from my boss who owns a skateshop. They are ceramics directly from China, and after 2 years of use they have performed better than any other bearing I’ve had.

Ceramics are much faster and better with water than normal steel bearings, and rarely need to be lubricated; despite costing a lot more, you may save money in the long run if you take care of them.

Ceramic Bearings Warning

If you buy ceramic bearings, you need to use spacers. Ceramics are very hard, so if you don’t use spacers then the ceramic balls are going to damage the inner and outer ring of the bearing. Steel bearings usually don’t have this problem since the steel isn’t hard enough to damage the insides.


Lil EZ Hawgs 60 mm 78a

This is the most important part of my setup.

These wheels are super soft, allowing for a smooth and fast ride, but their shape is closer to that of a park/street wheel, making tricks feel like you’re on a park board.

The urethane formula and shape make learning slides extremely easy.