20 Best Longboard Brands (Honest Resource For Every Budget)

By Billy | Updated: July 27, 2021

So you’re interested in a longboard and haven’t decided which brand should be rewarded with your hard-earned money, right?

You’ve come to the right place because I'll give you simple and transparent suggestions on the best longboard brands for every budget.

This list is a collection of the best brands that we have experienced at Shred Shack. I say “experienced” because I personally do not own a board from all of the brands on the list, however, each brand featured has been ridden by myself or a close friend who can vouch for the board’s quality.

best longboard brands

Our list is broken down into three pricing tiers…

Just a quick note. If you're thinking of buying a board in the low-tier range, you should always consider looking for used high/mid-tier longboard brands. In most cases, you'll be able to get a higher quality complete longboard for the same price.

If you're completely new to longboarding, I suggest you check out the below article.

Some brands may have boards above their tier price range.

First, let's start with the High-Tier Brands.

Typically boards over $200 USD

Loaded Boards

Check out their website

Weather can be particularly harsh for surfers and skateboarders and the team at Loaded Boards knows this. Instead of calling it quits if mother nature isn’t cooperating, Loaded used these days as motivation to begin attaching trucks and wheels to old snowboards and pieces of wood to capture that surfing or sliding feeling without waves or snow. That was in the mid-90s. 

Fast forward to today and Loaded Longboards is one of the premier makers of longboards in the world. Based in Culver City, California, the tight-knit crew uses high-quality materials to make their boards.

Beyond the quality of Loaded’s products is the amount of information they give to those looking to start their longboarding adventures. Their buyer’s guides offer detailed information on their individual decks and wheels to make sure you’re picking the right setup. 

Whether you need to make a change to your daily commute, are looking for a way to ride around town, or are interested in showing off your fancy footwork for your friends, Loaded has something to meet your needs. Loaded is one of the best longboard brands in my opinion.

Loaded Boards offers a lifetime warranty to the original board owner in the case of manufacturer or material defects. Ground shipping is free in the USA.


Check out their website

The word ‘yacht’ conjures an image of pretension and exquisite luxury for many. However, Landyachtz skateboards and their collection of colorful decks and high-quality equipment could not be more at odds with exclusivity. Reasonably priced and with options for everyone, the Canadian company has a wide array of options to choose from to make every rider happy. 

Landyachtz offers complete set-ups for downhill, cruising, free dancing, and racing. Landyachtz’s Bear Trucks, which they dub as some of the toughest on the market, have gone through rigorous R&D and on-the-ground testing by many of their staff and athletes. Landyachtz’s Hawgz Wheels have also been designed to integrate perfectly with their board offerings to give you the ideal ride. 

Beyond Landyachtz’s offerings of their complete longboard set-ups, interested board customizers and tinkerers can purchase their decks alone. This gives buyers even more options to assemble the board that they feel most comfortable riding.

Landyachtz offers a 12-month warranty to cover manufacturer defects and provides free shipping in the USA and Canada with a minimum purchase of $100 USD in the US or $75 CDN in Canada.


Check out their website

For 25 years Arbor Collective has contributed to the world of snowboarding and skateboarding. Working for both types of boarders has allowed the Arbor team to create some of the highest quality products for snow and land. Arbor offers a wide selection of options to choose from including cruisers, longboards, and hybrid deck options for riders on land. With reasonable prices, Arbor Collective’s boards are within reach of most buyer’s budgets.

Arbor Collective has been committed to sustainability since they were established. Before many companies started to adopt environmentally sustainable production, Arbor was already supporting non-profit, environmentally focused foundations that worked to make the world a better place; most notably through their Returning Roots program which helps preserve Koa forests in Hawaii. 

Arbor offers a 3 year warranty to the original board buyer that covers manufacturer and material defects. Arbor strongly supports local purchasing and offers U.S. phone orders on their website.


Check out their website

Moonshine MFG makes longboards with unique decks that are destined to stand out. The one-of-a-kind designs are vertically laminated and waterproof, keeping their sharp looks even if the elements don’t cooperate. Though Moonshine MFG is a newer company, their boards ride like they’ve been made by a seasoned professional. 

Established in the Pacific Northwest in 2014 and currently based in Kissimmee, Florida, the Moonshine MFG team all have a say in their designs which ensures each board exceeds expected riding standards. Their commitment to quality is so strong that all of Moonshine’s boards come with a 30-day performance guarantee and warranty. If your longboard isn’t up to standard or if there is damage outside of normal wear and tear, you can return your longboard for a replacement. Moonshine wants to make sure you aren’t off your board any longer than you have to be.

Apart from the 30-day guarantee, Moonshine MFG offers a warranty but the terms were unclear from the website at the time of writing. Your best bet is to contact the company if any issues present themselves that pertain to the quality of the board. Shipping was also difficult to determine as the website had little information on shipping and all boards were sold out at the time of writing.

Rayne Longboards

Check out their website

Rayne Longboards is based in Washington state and was founded by Graham Buska. Aside from running the day-to-day at Rayne since he founded the company in 2004, Graham also continues to race. In fact, Graham has medaled in several world cup circuit races as a member of the Rayne team. As a skilled rider, Graham's influence on the sport is not limited to his riding acumen. Graham changed longboarding forever by creating the first combination bamboo-fiberglass longboard. This and other unique designs that Graham has created through Rayne offer boarders top performance and exceptional quality that continues to push the boundaries in longboard manufacturing.

The innovative nature of Rayne is easy to see through the technology in their products. Different flexes of decks are created for different types of boarders; Rayne’s elasta-flex design best recreates the effect of surfing, and their stiff-flex maximizes speed for downhill riders and cruisers. They also offer different truck and wheel mounting options, all with the goal of maximizing enjoyment for all types of boarders.

Rayne warranties their boards against defects through the first 12 months after the original purchase. This warranty is offered in two stages; for the first 90 days Rayne will repair or replace and cover all costs, after 90 days and up to 12 months Rayne will repair or replace defects but charges customers for the replacement freight. Adding to that, shipping a Rayne longboard is free provided that you live in the continental USA.

Pantheon Longboards

Check out their website

Pantheon’s founder, Jeff Vyain works to set trends, something he’s been doing since he picked up a board at the age of 12. While in college, Jeff took on the mean hills of Nashville, Tennessee, only further sparking a desire to create boards that can perform in the wildest of conditions. While working in New York, Jeff was able to get early experience in creating and designing boards. Now, Jeff has established his own longboard brand that has set out to make high-quality, purpose-built skateboards.

The decks that come out of Pantheon’s headquarters in Colorado are of consistently high quality and are designed to be ergonomic and functional. Pantheon’s board designs are best described as inspired, opening a world of possibilities to those that aspire to reach new heights. A Pantheon board feels unique underfoot and inspires riding confidence and that child-like wonderment we so often desire.

At the time of writing, neither warranty nor shipping information could be determined.

Zenit Longboards

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Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Zenit longboards offer a taste of surf culture in a typically cold climate. Established more than 10 years ago, the 100% handmade boards offer wonderful craftsmanship that is guaranteed to hold up to even the harshest conditions longboarders could face. Each of Zenit’s more than 100 board designs are personally tested by staff to make sure they hold up to anything you can put them through.

Zenit’s process for finishing each board is similar to how a surfboard is finished. They sand all of their boards by hand to ensure everything they produce holds up to any kind of abuse. This guarantees their decks will be under your feet for a long time after purchase.

Zenit offers a limited 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects. These boards are built well so you’ll likely not need to use their warranty, however, it’s good to know they have you covered in the event a defective board slips through quality control. Shipping a board from Zenit is free to Canada or the US if you order above a specific pricing threshold. Check your order to see if you meet the criteria for free shipping.

Bustin Boards

Check out their website

Founded by Ryan Daughtridge when he was just 21 years old, Bustin Boards promises to offer something for all boarders. The company name is a homage to Daughtridge’s cousin Mike, who crashed while riding one day. When Ryan went to visit Mike in the ER, Mike had one request: that the boards be named Bustin. The rest is history. Ryan and the Brooklyn-based Bustin team are focused on creative designs that maximize the enjoyment for those riding them.

Bustin Boards go beyond the standard longboard. With more traditional designs and hybrid-electric options as well, there’s something for everyone at Bustin. Longboard riders will love the high-quality craftsmanship of each board and cruising in standard ABEC-7 bearings gives the boards that smooth, nearly effortless glide. 

Bustin warranty covers defects on products over a range of 90 to 180 days from original purchase date. It’s best to check the website to see how your purchased product is covered since they offer varying timelines for warranty claims due to their diverse product catalogue. Shipping is available in the USA and Bustin even offers a financing option for those who meet certain criteria.

Original Skateboards

Check out their website

Original Skateboards is a longboard company that dominated the market by dropping awesome YouTube videos. I have a personal connection with this brand since they started in a town near where I live and I remember trying their trucks for the first time. Those first turns gave that same feeling of my first time skating, the ability to carve was on another level.

Original Skateboards’ selection of longboards includes boards that are good for doing tricks more commonly associated with the standard skateboard. Concave designs offered on their “DiamondDrop” selection allows greater control for anyone looking to do a heelflip while longboarding. While a unique feature of a longboard, the concave setup will look more familiar to those who are used to a traditional skateboarder. 

Original has created several comprehensive guides for everyone from beginners to seasoned riders to help you make the best choice of board. Original also allows you to either purchase a complete set-up or customize your board how you see fit. 

Original Skateboards offers a 6-month warranty to cover manufacturing defects and also includes a lifetime “mech-support” which provides technical assistance and advice for life for the item(s) you purchase. Seeing companies go that extra mile to help keep you riding gets our stamp of approval. Shipping from Original Skateboards is free in the continental United States.

Boards from $100-S200 USD although some models may exceed this range


The Globe brand has been established in the mid-1980s and was initially created to make skate shoes. Over the year, the company began branching into apparel and boardsports equipment and now has diverse offerings of skateboards and snowboards. Globe can be found in over 100 countries worldwide and has become a widely recognized and iconic skateboard brand.

Globe offers beautifully designed longboards that marry functional components with inspiring graphics and artistry. Their wide range of available boards allows consumers to select not only the board style that will suit their riding preference but also a design that speaks most to them. For some popular models, Globe offers up to 8 different graphic designs to choose from.

Globe warranty on their longboards and cruisers covers defects and breakage from regular use for uo to 90 days from the original purchase date. Shipping from Globe is free in the continental USA for orders over $100.

Sector 9

Check out their website

My first ever longboard was a Sector 9 pintail and I still have it today.

Sector 9's mantra of “Smash It” is all about the freedom longboarding provides to those looking to escape the everyday grind. It is also about their commitment to the causes they care about. From actively engaging in the community to environmental responsibility to fighting cancer, Sector 9 looks to bring about positive change while also be able to cruise around the neighborhood.

Sector 9 offers a lengthy catalog of high-quality longboards, a selection that is easily one of the largest and most diverse of any longboard company. Their colorful designs and use of high-quality materials make Sector 9 a smash hit for longboarders everywhere. Sector 9’s use of everything from 7-ply wood to a maple and bamboo hybrid offers customers a variety of choices when it comes to choosing the right board. They also offer complete set-ups for under $200, making it a reasonably priced option for those looking to make their start in longboarding or to add to their quiver.

Sector 9 offers a 120-day warranty against manufacturer defects. Free shipping is also available on all USA orders.

DB Longboards

Check out their website

Richard Docter, Bryce Hermansen, and Tim Mackey have been making their “dashboards,” as their first boards were called, since 2003. Founded in Dash Point, Washington, the nickname for their first longboards stuck which led to the name DB Longboards. With three avid boarders leading the company, DB’s longboards are designed to stand up to anything riders can put them through even in the gnarly and adventurous terrain of the Pacific Northwest.

With the ability to make prototypes on-site, DB and its dedicated crew of employees are able to rapidly and efficiently test all of their equipment. The close connection between design and testing allows DB to stretch the limits of what’s possible with longboarding. Beyond the three founders, many of DB’s employees are also longboarders. All of this increases the quality of their product, providing riders with a product that has been tested and approved by some of the best in the world.

DB Longboards offers a 90-day free replacement or repair warranty against manufacturer's defects. The warranty period extends to 12 months if customers are willing to pay for the replacement freight charges. Shipping information was not available at the time of writing.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is an iconic skateboard brand that was established out of Santa Cruz, California (any guesses where the brand name originated?) in 1973 by Jay Shuirman, Doug Haut, Richard Novak. Santa Cruz’s screaming hand logo is as iconic as any skateboarding art or imagery and you have likely seen this logo displayed on t-shirts or stickers.

Operating under parent copy NHS, Inc., Santa Cruz aspires to offer boards to riders of all types as is evidenced by their vast catalog. Santa Cruz boards range from the classic popsicle stick for tricks and the park to mellow cruisers, each with unique and interesting graphics and designs. Santa Cruz also offers lots of apparel so you can show your friends how much you enjoy the brand and skating, or pretending that you do.

Warranty against defects from Santa Cruz covers 120 days from purchase. Santa Cruz also offers free shipping on orders over $75.

Beercan Boards

Beercan Boards are created with sustainability and board longevity at the forefront of all product development decisions. Based in Douglas, Georgia, USA, Beercan’s unique all-recycled aluminum decks offer considerable structural rigidity and are as easily recycled as a typical beercan. Beercan also features 100% recycled plastic on all accessories to further reduce their environmental impact.

Beercan doubles down on its commitment to reducing wastes by offering to recycle previously purchased Beercan boards. When you return your board to the company, a brand new one can be had for only $50 should you choose to return your old one to them once it’s reached the end of its lifespan.

Beercan offers a 12-month product warranty that covers defects in materials or workmanship. Shipping from Beercan will cost you $10 for addresses in the USA. International shipping quotes are available on request.

Ghost Longboards

It's not very often that a longboard aesthetic is remarkably different than most of the boards out there. Sure some companies have incredible artwork and intriguing shapes, but most decks are just still regular decks when you strip away all the paint and stickers. Ghost Longboards ups the ante on deck design by offering transparent decks made from acrylic/plexiglass. Ghost has created works of art that are also very capable rides. A look through Ghost’s catalog reveals their ingenuity in using transparent materials as designs abound with wood in-lays, LED lights, laser etching, and painted graphics. There is certainly a design that will appeal to everyone.

Ghost Longboards are based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA, and offer to replace boards that have been made from faulty materials.

Penny Skateboards

There are few singular models of skateboards that are as iconic and popular as the original Penny board. At 22” the original Penny board is nimble and quick in tight places and stows away easily when you’re sitting down for a coffee, loading the car or hopping onto the train. Building on the success of the original Penny board, Penny now offers a diverse range of boards for riders of all sizes.

Penny Skateboards was established in Australia in 2010 by Ben Mackay. The “Penny” moniker would appear to have come from the idea that the original boards were small, like a penny, but alas, this is not the case. Ben Mackay named that oh-so-popular board after his sister, Penny, and the name now applies to a wide range of sizes and styles that are offered from Penny Skateboards.

Penny offers a 12-month warranty on their boards in the 22”, 27” and 36” sizes and a 90-day warranty on boards that are 29” and 32”. This seems unusual but the sizes correspond to different models that have different components and fit different riding niches. Shipping is free for all Penny boards provided that you spend more than $50.

If you're interested in penny skateboards, check out our guide on how to choose one out of their complete longboard collection.

Lush Longboards

Check out their website

Lush Longboards has been making products invoking “pure stoke” for more than 20 years. Started in a cellar in Bristol, Lush was the first longboard brand to come out of the UK bringing the revolution across the pond in 1999. Standing out from the crowd, Lush’s signature focus on their designs and boards is speed, speed, speed. Lush’s founders are focused on finding the ultimate ride, and their boards are created with that goal in mind.

Each board Lush makes is focused on the feel riders have under their feet. The variety of deck shapes available are tailored for each rider’s preferred style, with an emphasis on speed. Additionally, Lush offers slide gloves to help riders control their speed without shredding their hands. With a Lush board, pure stoke is guaranteed. 

Lush offers a 30-day warranty that covers manufacturer defects. Shipping is cheap and easy if you are based in Europe but can be slow and expensive to a destination in North America.


Few companies in the longboard industry can boast of such a rich and deep history as Z Flex. Having roots with the infamous Zephyr skate team out of “Dog Town” California, Z Flex broke away from Zephyr in 1976, originally calling themselves EZ-Ryders and eventually Z Flex. Founded by Kent Sherwood, the stepfather of Jay Adams, in Santa Monica, California, Z Flex was able to attract almost half of the original Zephyr team to ride their boards.

Z Flex has been at the forefront of several important and ingenious design features that are found on the majority of skateboards today. Boards featuring urethane wheels and fiberglass-reinforced decks were starting to emerge in the market only a few years before Z Flex was founded and it was these elements that Z Flex was able to use to their advantage. Z Flex was the first board company to feature concave in their deck-top designs which greatly improved the ability to lock feet into the board.

Z Flex offers a warranty on faulty products but the length of this warranty is unclear. Shipping information was also not clear at the time of writing.

Boards are mostly priced under $100 USD but some models may be higher.

Quick Tip

If your budget is under $100, make sure to check the high/mid-tier brands on used marketplaces like Ebay, or Facebook. You'll get a better quality board for a cheaper price.

I'm not gonna lie, I struggled with putting these low-tiers on this best longboard brands list because their quality isn't nearly as good as the others.

Although there is always a time and place for a low-tier brand like the ones below. Especially if you're not sure you'll be sticking with longboarding long-term.


The skateboarding mecca of California is home to the majority of well-known longboard brands. Based in Carlsbad, California, Magneto was created to offer innovative and reasonably priced boards that would appeal to a broad market of riders. Offering a diverse selection of bamboo and fiberglass boards in different designs and length configurations, Magneto aims to be a trendsetter in the market.

Magneto offers free shipping on all board purchases from their website. Warranty information was not available at the time of writing.

White Wave

Motivated to change the classic narrative of a cheaper price, cheaper quality, Josh, a career firefighter, set out to create a high-quality longboard at a reasonable price point. Designing several prototypes, Josh established a connection with a fellow firefighter, Chuck, and several others in sales, finance, and management to bring to life their vision of a quality skateboard. In 2014 White Wave Longboards built and sold their first skateboards and the rest is history. Vague history.

Warranty covering manufacturers defects and regular use breakage extends to 90 days after purchase. Shipping information was not immediately available for White Wave Longboards.


No matter what your budget is, you'll definitely be able to get something that'll fit your riding style. I hope this list of the best longboard brands helps clear some things up for you.

Drop a comment below – happy to help.

What up I'm Billy. I've been skating, surfing, and snowboarding for over 15 years. My goal is to shred, then share my honest thoughts. Hope it helps ya!